A product perfect for exposed metalwork, relevant to bikes and some cars

Acf50 a perfect product for protecting your metalwork on bikes and mainly classic cars. ACF-50 is a great corrosion blocker for exposed metalwork and has been used very sucessfully on bikes for many years. Most surfaces can be protected with ACF-50 and it's very easy to keep the product topped up with the easy spray or wipe on formulation. It provides a great barrier on hard to reach parts and makes future cleaning much easier. The front part of this Morgan 3 Wheeler is fully protected with ACF-50:


Many riders use this to protect their bike all year round, noting the fact no fresh corrosion appears even through harsh winter use, even when leaving the dirt and grime on for months before washing, no corrosion is present. I find it a very handy product to have for anyone, even when fitting new parts to a car ACF-50 will protect and keep the corrosion free, on classics and cars like the Morgan it's worth it's weight in gold, so many parts can be protected and not only saved from corrosion but be kept looking brand new. Please note if applied on engine parts or area's susceptible to heat it can on initial application smoke slightly, this is normal and the heat helps seal the product.

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