What is detailing?

Detailing is a step up in car care. It doesn’t relate to one process but various products and techniques to achieve a true better than showroom transformation. Detailing shouldn’t be compared to a bodyshop doing a ‘mop’ on your car or having it polished at a car wash. The use of various polishers combined with a carefully selected polish and pad combination will remove swirling, oxidisation, holograms, scratches and bird lime damage. This will leave a true perfect finish, without the use of fillers which can hide swirling and marks but at the next wash the vehicle will be back to the same condition. Paint depth gauges also help me determine what level of clearcoat I have to work with and how far I can go safely to remove deeper marks.

Will I benefit from having my new car detailed?

This is one of the best times to have your car detailed. Cars are very rarely delivered to you in the condition they should be no matter the marque or cost. I regularly protect new cars which have alot of fallout from sitting before being delivered. Dealerships also inflict swirls and scratches often when doing the pdi or before you pickup the car. It’s also beneficial and cost effective to have a new car protected with a coating or wax (I recommend Kamikaze ism coating for new cars) this works out cheaper than the dealer applied coatings (supaguard,ixtar g3,autoglym lifeshine) and is a far superior product in every way. The relevant time is also taken to prepare your new car for you, the dealerships have certain time constraints to prepare the car for you due to their turnover and rush your car through.

A new car protection is a day booking minimum, I have prepared 1 car in a full day at a dealership, whilst the dealer’s valeters had coated 36 cars with autoglym lifeshine. Your car will be polished to perfection (as it should come) removing any swirling and scratches then be protected with the very best products, helping protect the paintwork and making it easier to care for.

Should I have a wax or coating applied?

Wax: I recommend using wax on a car that is doing low miles during the course of the year or where the best finish is needed. A garaged low mileage car is a perfect candidate as is a show car. Someone who likes to regularly apply products to their car after a wash or wants to put the car on one of my maintenance schemes is also the perfect candidate.
Coating: I recommend the use of a coating for a car in normal use. These coating’s offer great durability (minimum of a year dependant on which is selected) and form a very tough coating on the paint, helping to reduce swirling and scratches. The coating’s are perfect for someone who want’s to wash the car as easily and quickly as possible. With the Kamikaze Zipang coating selected you will benefit from the great look of a wax but with all the protection of a coating.

Which Coating?

I use most coatings on the market but always push the product I have tried, tested and have received the best feedback from customers and on follow up mini details. So if you have a preference on which coating you would like applied please ask as I stock most on offer.

Kamikaze Zipang coating:

Kamikaze is a new coating available and I have been doing some prolonged testing and have been thoroughly impressed by the product. It is very durable, Kamikaze quote 3 years I have had it on a car for over 3 years and it still beads aswell as the day it was applied, looks brilliant and is just as easy to wash. A very big plus point for this product is the look, it gives the look of a top end wax with none of the sterile look of the other coatings on offer. It works extremely well on Metallics and Pearlescent paints as it doesn’t hide any of the metallic flake, it further enhances this.

Kamikaze Miyabi coating

The Miyabi coat from Kamikaze has more in common with other coatings than ism but can be used as a base to the ultimate in protection. It offers a bright shine but lacks the overall look of zipang, durability is quoted at upto 24 months. The main reason Miyabi is offered is due to the ability to apply other kamikaze products on top. So Miyabi base coat, Zipang on top, this gives the best protection and look achievable, as one layer wears the other is then revealed.

Kamikaze infinity wax

Kamiaze infinity wax is a very unique product, it contains a mixture of carnauba wax and glass coating, giving the best of both worlds. It is ideal to top the other Kamikaze coatings.

Kamikaze Enrei coating

This is an accredited pro only two part coating, consisting of a primer and top coat. Its a tough, durable coating and offers the best looks I have ever seen. Extremely hydrophobic too. This is an expensive product and takes a lot of time to apply correctly.

Which area’s do you cover?
I am based in Surrey and Kent but am available nationwide although charges will apply for travelling time and expenses. I also have various customers throughout the UK so can sometimes tie in other details to reduce costs.

Do you require a garage to work?
I can and do work outside but it is preferred to do the paint correction and coating or wax application inside due to dust.

Will you valet my car?
I offer a valet type service, this is classed as a mini detail as I like to see the car washed and cleaned as well as possible, with care and attention paid. Please view the services page for more information.

Can you supply me a maintenance kit so I can look after the car myself?
I am more than happy to help when it comes to recommending products or if you have your car detailed and want this option I can supply the products and show you the correct techniques to care for the car.

What other services do you offer?
I only ever use companies I have experience with and trust with the vehicle as much as myself. I currently use Tony Angel of dentangel for any dent repair work, who can be arranged with any detailing work. Tony is easily the best paintless dent repair technician I have ever seen, I nor Tony has ever had a customer anything less than stunned at the transformation. Tony takes real care and treats the vehicle as his own and always work’s to 95%+ on removal, where other dent men are happy to just improve the dent, Tony literally eliminates any trace. I can also arrange for paintwork using a trusted bodyshop I have used for years.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept Cash, Cheque or a bank transfer.

How do I book?
You can book in via email ed@divinedetail.co.uk or call me on 07510651819.