Why detail a new car

Detailing a brand new car can seem like an odd thing to do as the car is effectively new so should be in very good condition. Sadly this is not the case and listed below are some of the problems we typically encounter with new cars:

Polishing marks

Factory time constraints – The factory only has a certain timescale to finish a car and on the volume they work at polishing isn’t done to a high level so they often have scratches and polishing trails left from a quick job.

Industrial Fallout

Industrial fallout – When a car is finished and ready to be transported the car will often sit outside for a period of time, this can be before shipping or after as it sits at the docks. Most manufacturers use train tracks to transport cars when in production and this leaves iron deposits on the paint, these need removing with a dedicated product and I have yet to see a dealership do this properly. The cleaner reacts to any contaminants and turns purple on contact with them, this was a brand new C63 front wing, after the dealership had supposedly prepared the car.

High paint depth reading

Damage – I have seen more than a handful of brand new cars which have had a panel or two painted, the damage is usually done whilst the car is being loaded or unloaded, this is part of why we take paint depth readings.

Dealership polishing

Dealership prep – Dealerships operate on a large volume and this puts time constraints on the prep work, most dealerships I have prepared cars at allow 40 minutes to prep and treat the car (this includes applying the paint protection product you have opted for like lifeshine etc) whereas it take me 2-3 days to do a new car properly, which includes removing the wheels for proper access. Old cloths and chamois leathers are used and the polishing techniques are less than ideal. A customer purchased a new unregistered Cupra, the car had sat for 6 months so the dealership said they would prep and polish for that brand new look, the result of this can be seen above, bad polishing with dirt ingrained in the foam pad had left circular marks over the whole car.