How to: safe wash for delicate finishes

A guide to a safe wash routine for soft easily marked finishes, or when the pre wash stage hasn’t removed the dirt expected.

This is a technique I use to help keep any wash marking to a minimum, on soft and easily marked finishes, or if a car is particularly dirty and the previous pre wash stage hasn’t removed the bulk of dirt. This can be done with a pump sprayer (as used in the video) a snow foam lance or a spray bottle. I use a mixture of snow foam and car shampoo for this. Use the recommended amount of snow foam as per the product recommendations, then add a capful of car shampoo (if you have a coated car I recommend a shampoo with no wax or protection additives). Spray this onto the rinsed car (remembering this comes after the pre wash stage) and leave this on whilst you wash the car normally, this solution helps soften the dirt and increase the amount of lubrication on the panel helping to reduce the chance of any potential marking. As with the pre wash stage keep an eye on the product as you do not want this to dry on the panels, in the summer you may need to adjust this and spray on the side you are washing only and apply as you go.