How to: Wash technique

A guide to safely washing your car, using the correct techniques.

Using the two bucket technique (one filled with plain water, the rinse bucket and ideally a grit guard insert, the other with car wash shampoo), wash the vehicle starting at the top and working to the bottom.

Use straight lines instead of circular motions and break larger panels into two. When the panel has been washed put the wash mitt into the rinse bucket and squeeze the mitt out, this stops the dirt removed from the car from being put back onto the car. Then put the mitt back into the bucket with the car shampoo and onto the next panel. Make sure to watch how loaded with dirt the mitt is getting, if the car hasn’t been cleaned for sometime or is very dirty, break a door into two passes to help avoid any marking.

When you have finished the roof and all glass rinse this area off, this helps avoid the shampoo drying into the finish, then after the next area you have washed, rinse the roof and glass then the next area and so on.

Avoid washing in direct sunlight, if possible wash in the morning or early evening.

The video below shows a quick wash, this has come after a pre wash and the safe wash shown in the previous posts, I also use filtered water to avoid any water spotting.