The enhancement detail is perfect for people who are looking to sell their car or bring it back to it’s former glory.This will remove light marking and swirling but will leave anything more severe behind.

The enhancement detail consists of:

  • Thorough pre wash and wash using ph neutral shampoo & merino mitts (2 bucket method) and decontaminated
  • Vehicle dried using the finest towels available and air blower.
  • Wheels cleaned using a ph neutral wheel cleaner
  • Fully clean inner arches
  • Clay bar used to remove paintwork contamination
  • Mask up around the windows and trim with low tack tape
  • Take paint gauge readings
  • Single Stage machine polish to remove light to medium paint defects (swirl marks etc)
  • Wipe down with oil/filler remover
  • Apply wax or coating(customers choice)
  • Polish & buff glass
  • Apply wheel sealant (Kamikaze Stance wheel coating)
  • Apply tyre dressing
  • Dress inner arches
  • Clean & polish all chrome and exhaust
  • Coat all exterior plastics
  • Treat all door seals and rubbers
  • Full interior clean
  • Fabrics coated with Aerospace 303 fabric
  • Leather deep cleaned and coated with dr leather dye block
  • Interior plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Final inspection

Nissan Gtr detail