The two stage enhancement consists of the same stages as the single stage but with an added polishing step, this allows the use of a heavier polish to remove more swirls and scratches, then an additional polishing step to remove and refine the marks left by the previous heavy polish. Perfect for a new to you car purchase.

The two stage enhancement consists of:

  • Thorough pre wash and wash using ph neutral shampoo & merino mitts (2 bucket method) and decontaminated
  • Vehicle dried using the finest towels available and air blower.
  • Wheels cleaned using a ph neutral wheel cleaner
  • Fully clean inner arches
  • Clay bar used to remove paintwork contamination
  • Mask up around the windows and trim with low tack tape
  • Take paint gauge readings
  • Two stage machine polish to remove paint defects (heavy swirl marks etc)
  • Wipe down with oil/filler remover
  • Apply wax or coating (customers choice)
  • Polish & buff glass
  • Apply wheel sealant (Kamikaze Stance wheel coating)
  • Apply tyre dressing
  • Dress inner arches
  • Clean & polish all chrome and exhaust
  • Dress all exterior plastics
  • Treat all door seals and rubbers
  • Full interior clean
  • Fabrics protected with Aerospace 303 fabric
  • Leather deep cleaned and coated with dr leather dye block
  • Interior plastics cleaned and dressed
  • Final inspection

Porsche Cayman GTS detail