Supercar detailing (not straightforward)

Detailing a supercar is no doubt exciting, to be working on exotic cars is most peoples goal but supercars are one of the trickiest and most time consuming cars to work on.

Some of this stems from the poor finish from the factory, the Italian manufacturers seem to be especially bad at this (bar Pagani). Paying more for a car doesn’t equal a better finish even on the triple pearl finishes which can cost £20,000+.

This Lamborghini Aventador is a good example, painted in Verde Ithaca a triple pearl option paint. This car was covered in sanding marks, where the factory uses a machine to sand the paint, they never fully remove these marks in my experience and this Aventador was covered in them. On this type of colour it can be hard to spot in daylight but they rob the colour of it’s true gloss and colour.

Sanding marks
After Polishing

This not only takes time to correct but is also dangerous as the Aventador like so many other supercars has curves and sharp angles, on a normal car these should be treated with care but especially on a car of this type. Paint depth is at it’s lowest on these edges as the paint runs so care must always be taken. Yes a panel could be painted if the worst happened but originality and also colour matching is a big problem. This Aventador had lots of work carried out and took two weeks to finish in the end, well worth it though!